About Amy

It all started when...

Amy Orazio's work runs parallel with three very different rivers (based on where she's lived along the West Coast): the Skykomish, the Los Angeles, and the Columbia. She is most comfortable when she's closest to the current.

Amy's work has appeared in H_NGM_N, Bitterzoet, Gap Tooth, Pidgeonholes, Synasesthesia, Chaparral, and The Curator, as well as a limited-edition letterpress chapbook from Archteype Press (under her maiden name Amy Neilson). She lives in Portland, OR and belongs to a writing collective called Partial Tongues.

Amy Orazio received her MFA in Creative Writing at Otis College of Art and Design, in Los Angeles. She lives in Portland now, where she is enjoying the cross section of finishing her poetry manuscript and writing for The American Genius.